Commit f37de644 authored by Francesco Potortì's avatar Francesco Potortì

(tags-completion-table): Do completion from all the tables in the

current list, as documented in the manual.
parent 957e3996
......@@ -746,27 +746,25 @@ Assumes the tags table is the current buffer."
;; their tags included in the completion table.
(defun tags-completion-table ()
(or tags-completion-table
;; No cached value for this buffer.
(condition-case ()
(message "Making tags completion table for %s..." buffer-file-name)
(let ((included (tags-included-tables))
(table (funcall tags-completion-table-function)))
;; Iterate over the list of included tables, and combine each
;; included table's completion obarray to the parent obarray.
(while included
;; Visit the buffer.
(let ((tags-file-name (car included)))
(visit-tags-table-buffer 'same))
;; Recurse in that buffer to compute its completion table.
(if (tags-completion-table)
;; Combine the tables.
(mapatoms (lambda (sym) (intern (symbol-name sym) table))
(setq included (cdr included))))
(setq tags-completion-table table))
(message "Making tags completion table for %s...done"
(let (current-table combined-table)
(message "Making tags completion table for %s..." buffer-file-name)
;; Iterate over the current list of tags tables.
(while (visit-tags-table-buffer (and combined-table t))
;; Find possible completions in this table.
(setq current-table (funcall tags-completion-table-function))
;; Merge this buffer's completions into the combined table.
(if combined-table
(lambda (sym) (intern (symbol-name sym) combined-table))
(setq combined-table current-table))))
(message "Making tags completion table for %s...done"
;; Cache the result a buffer-local variable.
(setq tags-completion-table combined-table))
(quit (message "Tags completion table construction aborted.")
(setq tags-completion-table nil)))))
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