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Mention the effect of eval-expression-print-length and

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......@@ -1140,10 +1140,19 @@ file.
*** The commands to evaluate Lisp expressions, such as C-M-x in Lisp
modes, C-j in Lisp Interaction mode, and M-:, now bind the variables
print-level, print-length, and debug-on-error based on the
print-level, print-length, and debug-on-error based on the new
customizable variables eval-expression-print-level,
eval-expression-print-length, and eval-expression-debug-on-error.
The default values for the first two of these variables are 12 and 4
respectively, which means that `eval-expression' now prints at most
the first 12 members of a list and at most 4 nesting levels deep (if
the list is longer or deeper than that, an ellipsis `...' is
The default value of eval-expression-debug-on-error is t, so any error
during evaluation produces a backtrace.
*** The function `eval-defun' (M-C-x) now loads Edebug and instruments
code when called with a prefix argument.
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