Commit f3819ad1 authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie

In C-h k <mouse-n>, alert user to existence of any matching down-mouse-event

, and instruct her to hold the mouse button to display its documentation.

* lisp/help.el (help-downify-mouse-event-type): New function.
(help-read-key-sequence, describe-key): handle double-click-time being nil or
(describe-key): Print out instructions for displaying documentation of
matching mouse down key sequence command when such exists.
parent 99054fbe
......@@ -739,7 +739,11 @@ Describe the following key, mouse click, or menu item: "))
;; spuriously trigger the `sit-for'.
(sleep-for 0.01)
(while (read-event nil nil 0.01))
(not (sit-for (/ double-click-time 1000.0) t))))))))
(not (sit-for
(if (numberp double-click-time)
(/ double-click-time 1000.0)
;; When we have a sequence of mouse events, discard the most
;; recent ones till we find one with a binding.
(let ((keys-1 keys))
......@@ -788,6 +792,28 @@ Describe the following key, mouse click, or menu item: "))
(setq yank-menu (copy-sequence saved-yank-menu))
(fset 'yank-menu (cons 'keymap yank-menu))))))
(defun help-downify-mouse-event-type (base)
"Add \"down-\" to BASE if it is not already there.
BASE is a symbol, a mouse event type. If the modification is done,
return the new symbol. Otherwise return nil."
(let ((base-s (symbol-name base)))
;; Note: the order of the components in the following string is
;; determined by `apply_modifiers_uncached' in src/keyboard.c.
(string-match "\\(A-\\)?\
\\(drag-\\)?" base-s)
(when (and (null (match-beginning 11)) ; "down-"
(null (match-beginning 12))) ; "drag-"
(intern (replace-match "down-" t t base-s 10)) )))
(defun describe-key (&optional key untranslated up-event)
"Display documentation of the function invoked by KEY.
KEY can be any kind of a key sequence; it can include keyboard events,
......@@ -847,6 +873,25 @@ temporarily enables it to allow getting help on disabled items and buttons."
(princ (format " (found in %s)" key-locus))))
(princ ", which is ")
(describe-function-1 defn)
(when (vectorp key)
(let* ((last (1- (length key)))
(elt (aref key last))
(elt-1 (copy-sequence elt))
key-1 down-event-type)
(when (and (listp elt-1)
(symbolp (car elt-1))
(setq down-event-type (help-downify-mouse-event-type
(car elt-1))))
(setcar elt-1 down-event-type)
(setq key-1 (vector elt-1))
(when (key-binding key-1)
(princ (format "
For documentation of the corresponding mouse down event <%s>,
click and hold the mouse button longer than %s second(s)."
down-event-type (if (numberp double-click-time)
(/ double-click-time 1000.0)
(when up-event
(unless (or (null defn-up)
(integerp defn-up)
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