Commit f38ab167 authored by Jan Djärv's avatar Jan Djärv

* nsmenu.m (showAtX:Y:for:): setLevel to

NSPopUpMenuWindowLevel (Bug#13998).
parent 6d01f1fe
2013-03-30 Darren Ho <> (tiny change).
* nsmenu.m (showAtX:Y:for:): setLevel to
NSPopUpMenuWindowLevel (Bug#13998).
2013-03-30 Jan Djärv <>
* nsterm.h (ns_get_pending_menu_title, ns_check_menu_open)
......@@ -1328,6 +1328,7 @@ - (void) showAtX: (int)x Y: (int)y for: (int)seconds
wr.size = [textField frame].size;
[win setFrame: wr display: YES];
[win setLevel: NSPopUpMenuWindowLevel];
[win orderFront: self];
[win display];
timer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval: (float)seconds target: self
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