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* Changes in Emacs 21.1
* When your terminal can't display characters from some of the ISO
** Gnus changes.
The Gnus NEWS entries are short, but they reflect sweeping changes in
four areas: Article display treatment, MIME treatment,
internationalization and mail-fetching.
*** The mail-fetching functions have changed. See the manual for the
many details. In particular, all procmail fetching variables are gone.
If you used procmail like in
(setq nnmail-use-procmail t)
(setq nnmail-spool-file 'procmail)
(setq nnmail-procmail-directory "~/mail/incoming/")
(setq nnmail-procmail-suffix "\\.in")
this now has changed to
(setq mail-sources
'((directory :path "~/mail/incoming/"
:suffix ".in")))
More information is available in the info doc at Select Methods ->
Getting Mail -> Mail Sources
*** Gnus is now a MIME-capable reader. This affects many parts of
Gnus, and adds a slew of new commands. See the manual for details.
*** Gnus has also been multilingualized. This also affects too
many parts of Gnus to summarize here, and adds many new variables.
*** gnus-auto-select-first can now be a function to be
called to position point.
*** The user can now decide which extra headers should be included in
summary buffers and NOV files.
*** `gnus-article-display-hook' has been removed. Instead, a number
of variables starting with `gnus-treat-' have been added.
*** The Gnus posting styles have been redone again and now work in a
subtly different manner.
*** New web-based backends have been added: nnslashdot, nnwarchive
and nnultimate. nnweb has been revamped, again, to keep up with
ever-changing layouts.
*** Gnus can now read IMAP mail via nnimap.
*** There is image support.
** When your terminal can't display characters from some of the ISO
8859 character sets but can display Latin-1, you can display
more-or-less mnemonic sequences of ASCII/Latin-1 characters instead of
empty boxes (under a window system) or question marks (not under a
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