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Fix spellings.

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......@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ ignored.
@tindex make-backup-file-name-function
This variable's value is a function to use for making backups instead
of the default @code{make-backup-file-name}. A value of @code{nil}
gives the default @code{make-backup-file-name} behaviour.
gives the default @code{make-backup-file-name} behavior.
@xref{Backup Names,, Naming Backup Files}.
This could be buffer-local to do something special for specific
......@@ -3529,7 +3529,7 @@ buffer.
graphical applications use @key{Mouse-1} for following links. For
compatibility, @key{Mouse-1} follows links in Emacs too, when you
click on a link quickly without moving the mouse. The user can
customize this behaviour through the variable
customize this behavior through the variable
To define text as a link at the Lisp level, you should bind the
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