Commit f3c15633 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(suspend-emacstool): Remove.

parent ee756915
......@@ -660,21 +660,6 @@ Insert contents into the current buffer at point."
(interactive "r")
(sun-set-selection (buffer-substring beg end)))
;;; Support for emacstool
;;; This closes the window instead of stopping emacs.
(defun suspend-emacstool (&optional stuffstring)
"Suspend emacstool.
If running under as a detached process emacstool,
you don't want to suspend (there is no way to resume),
just close the window, and wait for reopening."
(run-hooks 'suspend-hook)
(if stuffstring (send-string-to-terminal stuffstring))
(send-string-to-terminal "\033[2t") ; To close EmacsTool window.
(run-hooks 'suspend-resume-hook))
(provide 'sun-mouse)
(provide 'term/sun-mouse) ; have to (require 'term/sun-mouse)
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