Commit f3ce1df8 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(Fformat): Lisp_Object/int mixup.

(format2): Remove unused var numargs.
parent b6cb37ae
......@@ -3674,7 +3674,8 @@ usage: (format STRING &rest OBJECTS) */)
and ARGN is the number of the next arg we will come to. */
for (list = props; CONSP (list); list = XCDR (list))
Lisp_Object item, pos;
Lisp_Object item;
int pos;
item = XCAR (list);
......@@ -3753,7 +3754,6 @@ format2 (string1, arg0, arg1)
Lisp_Object arg0, arg1;
Lisp_Object args[3];
int numargs;
args[0] = build_string (string1);
args[1] = arg0;
args[2] = arg1;
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