Commit f3d674df authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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* lisp/progmodes/prog-mode.el: Fix bug#14595.

  (prog--prettify-font-lock-compose-symbol): Save relevant match data
  before calling `syntax-ppss'.
parent 02f473a4
2013-06-16 Juanma Barranquero <>
* progmodes/prog-mode.el (prog--prettify-font-lock-compose-symbol):
Save relevant match data before calling `syntax-ppss' (bug#14595).
2013-06-15 Juri Linkov <>
* files-x.el (modify-file-local-variable-prop-line): Add local
......@@ -74,15 +74,17 @@ Regexp match data 0 points to the chars."
(let* ((start (match-beginning 0))
(end (match-end 0))
(syntaxes (if (eq (char-syntax (char-after start)) ?w)
'(?w) '(?. ?\\))))
'(?w) '(?. ?\\)))
(if (or (memq (char-syntax (or (char-before start) ?\ )) syntaxes)
(memq (char-syntax (or (char-after end) ?\ )) syntaxes)
(nth 8 (syntax-ppss)))
;; syntax-ppss could modify the match data (bug#14595)
(progn (setq match (match-string 0)) (nth 8 (syntax-ppss))))
;; No composition for you. Let's actually remove any composition
;; we may have added earlier and which is now incorrect.
(remove-text-properties start end '(composition))
;; That's a symbol alright, so add the composition.
(compose-region start end (cdr (assoc (match-string 0) alist)))))
(compose-region start end (cdr (assoc match alist)))))
;; Return nil because we're not adding any face property.
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