Commit f3fcc40d authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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* regex.c (re_iswctype): Convert return values to boolean.

parent 350c992f
2011-07-28 Andreas Schwab <>
* regex.c (re_iswctype): Convert return values to boolean.
2011-07-28 Eli Zaretskii <> 2011-07-28 Eli Zaretskii <>
* xdisp.c (compute_display_string_pos): Don't use cached display * xdisp.c (compute_display_string_pos): Don't use cached display
...@@ -2093,23 +2093,23 @@ re_iswctype (int ch, re_wctype_t cc) ...@@ -2093,23 +2093,23 @@ re_iswctype (int ch, re_wctype_t cc)
{ {
switch (cc) switch (cc)
{ {
case RECC_ALNUM: return ISALNUM (ch); case RECC_ALNUM: return ISALNUM (ch) != 0;
case RECC_ALPHA: return ISALPHA (ch); case RECC_ALPHA: return ISALPHA (ch) != 0;
case RECC_BLANK: return ISBLANK (ch); case RECC_BLANK: return ISBLANK (ch) != 0;
case RECC_CNTRL: return ISCNTRL (ch); case RECC_CNTRL: return ISCNTRL (ch) != 0;
case RECC_DIGIT: return ISDIGIT (ch); case RECC_DIGIT: return ISDIGIT (ch) != 0;
case RECC_GRAPH: return ISGRAPH (ch); case RECC_GRAPH: return ISGRAPH (ch) != 0;
case RECC_LOWER: return ISLOWER (ch); case RECC_LOWER: return ISLOWER (ch) != 0;
case RECC_PRINT: return ISPRINT (ch); case RECC_PRINT: return ISPRINT (ch) != 0;
case RECC_PUNCT: return ISPUNCT (ch); case RECC_PUNCT: return ISPUNCT (ch) != 0;
case RECC_SPACE: return ISSPACE (ch); case RECC_SPACE: return ISSPACE (ch) != 0;
case RECC_UPPER: return ISUPPER (ch); case RECC_UPPER: return ISUPPER (ch) != 0;
case RECC_XDIGIT: return ISXDIGIT (ch); case RECC_XDIGIT: return ISXDIGIT (ch) != 0;
case RECC_ASCII: return IS_REAL_ASCII (ch); case RECC_ASCII: return IS_REAL_ASCII (ch) != 0;
case RECC_NONASCII: return !IS_REAL_ASCII (ch); case RECC_NONASCII: return !IS_REAL_ASCII (ch) != 0;
case RECC_UNIBYTE: return ISUNIBYTE (ch); case RECC_UNIBYTE: return ISUNIBYTE (ch) != 0;
case RECC_MULTIBYTE: return !ISUNIBYTE (ch); case RECC_MULTIBYTE: return !ISUNIBYTE (ch) != 0;
case RECC_WORD: return ISWORD (ch); case RECC_WORD: return ISWORD (ch) != 0;
case RECC_ERROR: return false; case RECC_ERROR: return false;
default: default:
abort(); abort();
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