Commit f415cacd authored by Jan Djärv's avatar Jan Djärv
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* alloc.c: Add comment about the reason for (UN)BLOCK_INPUT_ALLOC.

parent 948a35c1
2004-12-07 Jan Dj,Ad(Brv <>
* alloc.c: Add comment about the reason for (UN)BLOCK_INPUT_ALLOC.
2004-12-07 Stefan <>
* eval.c (init_eval_once): Increase max_specpdl_size to 1000.
......@@ -91,6 +91,23 @@ extern __malloc_size_t __malloc_extra_blocks;
#if ! defined (SYSTEM_MALLOC) && defined (HAVE_GTK_AND_PTHREAD)
/* When GTK uses the file chooser dialog, different backends can be loaded
dynamically. One such a backend is the Gnome VFS backend that gets loaded
if you run Gnome. That backend creates several threads and also allocates
memory with malloc.
If Emacs sets malloc hooks (! SYSTEM_MALLOC) and the emacs_blocked_*
functions below are called from malloc, there is a chance that one
of these threads preempts the Emacs main thread and the hook variables
end up in a inconsistent state. So we have a mutex to prevent that (note
that the backend handles concurrent access to malloc within its own threads
but Emacs code running in the main thread is not included in that control).
When UNBLOCK_INPUT is called, revoke_input_signal may be called. If this
happens in one of the backend threads we will have two threads that tries
to run Emacs code at once, and the code is not prepared for that.
To prevent that, we only call BLOCK/UNBLOCK from the main thread. */
static pthread_mutex_t alloc_mutex;
pthread_t main_thread;
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