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(Changing an Option): Document that "emacs -q" cannot save customizations.

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......@@ -505,6 +505,7 @@ when they are finished editing a field. To insert a newline within an
editable field, use @kbd{C-o} or @kbd{C-q C-j}.
@cindex saving option value
@cindex customized options, saving
Setting the option changes its value in the current Emacs session;
@dfn{saving} the value changes it for future sessions as well. This
works by writing code into your @file{~/.emacs} file so as to set the
......@@ -512,6 +513,12 @@ option variable again each time you start Emacs. To save the option,
invoke @samp{[State]} and select the @samp{Save for Future Sessions}
If Emacs was invoked with the @option{-q} or @option{--no-init-file}
options (@pxref{Initial Options}), it will not let you save your
customizations in your @file{~/.emacs} init file. This is because
saving customizations from such a session would wipe out all the other
customizations you might have on your init file.
You can also restore the option to its standard value by invoking
@samp{[State]} and selecting the @samp{Erase Customization}
operation. There are actually three reset operations:
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