Commit f42f1094 authored by Dani Moncayo's avatar Dani Moncayo Committed by Glenn Morris
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* doc/emacs/mini.texi (Completion Options): Fix off-by-one error

Fixes: debbugs:12644
parent 03d24a82
2012-10-18 Dani Moncayo <>
* mini.texi (Completion Options): Fix off-by-one error. (Bug#12644)
2012-10-17 Glenn Morris <>
* mini.texi (Repetition): Further copyedit.
......@@ -550,7 +550,7 @@ those completion alternatives; each subsequent invocation of the
completion command replaces that with the next completion alternative,
in a cyclic manner. If you give @code{completion-cycle-threshold} a
numeric value @var{n}, completion commands switch to this cycling
behavior only when there are fewer than @var{n} alternatives.
behavior only when there are @var{n} or fewer alternatives.
@cindex Icomplete mode
@findex icomplete-mode
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