Commit f444564c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Marking message as "seen" should not mark buffer as changed.

parent 56c2cc9a
2011-06-23 Richard Stallman <>
* mail/rmail.el (rmail-retry-ignored-headers): Add message-id.
(rmail-show-message-1): Preserve buffer modified flag.
2011-06-23 Michael Albinus <>
......@@ -2669,8 +2669,11 @@ The current mail message becomes the message displayed."
(t (setq rmail-current-message msg)))
(with-current-buffer rmail-buffer
(setq header-style rmail-header-style)
;; Mark the message as seen
(rmail-set-attribute rmail-unseen-attr-index nil)
;; Mark the message as seen, but preserve buffer modified flag.
(let ((modiff (buffer-modified-p)))
(rmail-set-attribute rmail-unseen-attr-index nil)
(unless modiff
(set-buffer-modified-p nil)))
;; bracket the message in the mail
;; buffer and determine the coding system the transfer encoding.
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