Commit f45dd0f4 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(make-mode-line-mouse-sensitive): Fix the toggle menu items.

parent f9ee84a3
2000-01-04 Dave Love <>
* bindings.el (make-mode-line-mouse-sensitive):
Fix the toggle menu items.
2000-01-03 Dave Love <>
* elide-head.el (elide-head) [defgroup: Add :version.
......@@ -201,42 +201,37 @@ Menu of mode operations in the mode line.")
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap "Minor Modes")))
(define-key map [abbrev-mode]
'(menu-item "Abbrev" abbrev-mode
:active t :style toggle :selected abbrev-mode))
:button (:toggle . abbrev-mode)))
(define-key map [auto-revert-mode]
'(menu-item "Auto revert" auto-revert-mode
:active t :style toggle
:selected (bound-and-true-p auto-revert-mode)))
:button (:toggle . (bound-and-true-p auto-revert-mode))))
(define-key map [auto-fill-mode]
'(menu-item "Auto-fill" auto-fill-mode
:active t :style toggle :selected auto-fill-function))
:button (:toggle . auto-fill-function)))
(define-key map [column-number-mode]
'(menu-item "Column number" column-number-mode
:active t :style toggle :selected column-number-mode))
:button (:toggle . column-number-mode)))
(define-key map [flyspell-mode]
'(menu-item "Flyspell" flyspell-mode
:active t :style toggle
:selected (bound-and-true-p flyspell-mode)))
:button (:toggle . (bound-and-true-p flyspell-mode))))
(define-key map [font-lock-mode]
'(menu-item "Font-lock" font-lock-mode
:active t :style toggle :selected font-lock-mode))
:button (:toggle . font-lock-mode)))
(define-key map [hide-ifdef-mode]
'(menu-item "Hide ifdef" hide-ifdef-mode
:active t :style toggle
:selected (bound-and-true-p hide-ifdef-mode)))
:button (:toggle . (bound-and-true-p hide-ifdef-mode))))
(define-key map [highlight-changes-mode]
'(menu-item "Highlight changes" highlight-changes-mode
:active t :style toggle
:selected (bound-and-true-p highlight-changes-mode)))
:button (:toggle . (bound-and-true-p highlight-changes-mode))))
(define-key map [line-number-mode]
'(menu-item "Line number" line-number-mode
:active t :style toggle :selected line-number-mode))
:button (:toggle . line-number-mode)))
(define-key map [outline-minor-mode]
'(menu-item "Outline" outline-minor-mode
:active t :style toggle
:selected (bound-and-true-p outline-minor-mode)))
:button (:toggle . (bound-and-true-p outline-minor-mode))))
(define-key map [overwrite-mode]
'(menu-item "Overwrite" overwrite-mode
:active t :style toggle :selected overwrite-mode))
:button (:toggle . overwrite-mode)))
(setq mode-line-mode-menu (copy-keymap map))
(defun mode-line-mode-menu (event)
(interactive "@e")
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