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Merge from emacs-24; up to 2012-12-27T20:09:45Z!

parents 9133b82e 20992a85
2013-06-01 Glenn Morris <>
* programs.texi (Semantic): Fix typo.
2013-05-30 Xue Fuqiao <>
* maintaining.texi (Types of Log File): Supplement some
......@@ -1356,7 +1356,7 @@ the menu item named @samp{Source Code Parsers (Semantic)} in the
@samp{Tools} menu. This enables Semantic mode, a global minor mode.
When Semantic mode is enabled, Emacs automatically attempts to
parses each file you visit. Currently, Semantic understands C, C++,
parse each file you visit. Currently, Semantic understands C, C++,
Scheme, Javascript, Java, HTML, and Make. Within each parsed buffer,
the following commands are available:
2013-06-01 Fabián Ezequiel Gallina <>
* progmodes/python.el (python-indent-block-enders): Add break,
continue and raise keywords.
2013-06-01 Glenn Morris <>
* pcmpl-gnu.el (pcomplete/tar): Check obsolete variable is bound.
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@
;; Skeletons: 6 skeletons are provided for simple inserting of class,
;; def, for, if, try and while. These skeletons are integrated with
;; dabbrev. If you have `dabbrev-mode' activated and
;; abbrev. If you have `abbrev-mode' activated and
;; `python-skeleton-autoinsert' is set to t, then whenever you type
;; the name of any of those defined and hit SPC, they will be
;; automatically expanded. As an alternative you can use the defined
......@@ -642,7 +642,8 @@ It makes underscores and dots word constituent chars.")
These make `python-indent-calculate-indentation' subtract the value of
(defvar python-indent-block-enders '("return" "pass")
(defvar python-indent-block-enders
'("break" "continue" "pass" "raise" "return")
"List of words that mark the end of a block.
These make `python-indent-calculate-indentation' subtract the
value of `python-indent-offset' when `python-indent-context' is
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