Commit f48c1d8d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(remove-hook): Use equal to see if hook is just that fcn.

(add-hook): Use member to see if a lambda expr is already in the list.
parent d226f0a6
......@@ -486,10 +486,7 @@ function, it is changed to a list of functions."
(if (or (not (listp old)) (eq (car old) 'lambda))
(set hook (list old))))
(or (if (consp function)
;; Clever way to tell whether a given lambda-expression
;; is equal to anything in the hook.
(let ((tail (assoc (cdr function) (symbol-value hook))))
(equal function tail))
(member function (symbol-value hook))
(memq function (symbol-value hook)))
(set hook
(if append
......@@ -508,7 +505,7 @@ list of hooks to run in HOOK, then nothing is done. See `add-hook'."
(let ((hook-value (symbol-value hook)))
(if (consp hook-value)
(setq hook-value (delete function hook-value))
(if (eq hook-value function)
(if (equal hook-value function)
(setq hook-value nil)))
(set hook hook-value))))
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