Commit f48e9893 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(gdb-mouse-toggle-breakpoint): New defun.

(gdba): Bind it to [left-margin mouse-1] and [left-fringe mouse-1].
parent 76693d12
......@@ -145,6 +145,9 @@ The following interactive lisp functions help control operation :
(gud-call "until *%a" arg)))
"\C-u" "Continue to current line or address.")
(define-key gud-minor-mode-map [left-margin mouse-1] 'gdb-mouse-toggle-breakpoint)
(define-key gud-minor-mode-map [left-fringe mouse-1] 'gdb-mouse-toggle-breakpoint)
(setq comint-input-sender 'gdb-send)
;; (re-)initialise
......@@ -1055,6 +1058,20 @@ static char *magick[] = {
(if (gdb-get-buffer 'gdb-assembler-buffer) (gdb-assembler-custom)))
(defun gdb-mouse-toggle-breakpoint (event)
"Toggle breakpoint with mouse click in left margin."
(interactive "e")
(mouse-minibuffer-check event)
(let ((posn (event-end event)))
(message "pt=%S posn=%S" (posn-point posn) posn)
(if (numberp (posn-point posn))
(with-selected-window (posn-window posn)
(goto-char (posn-point posn))
(if (posn-object posn)
(gud-remove nil)
(gud-break nil)))))))
(defun gdb-breakpoints-buffer-name ()
(with-current-buffer gud-comint-buffer
(concat "*breakpoints of " (gdb-get-target-string) "*")))
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