Commit f4906780 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(frames_bury_buffer): Function deleted.

parent 91d0c677
......@@ -1818,26 +1818,6 @@ frames_discard_buffer (buffer)
/* Move BUFFER to the end of the buffer-list of each frame. */
frames_bury_buffer (buffer)
Lisp_Object buffer;
Lisp_Object frame, tail;
FOR_EACH_FRAME (tail, frame)
struct frame *f = XFRAME (frame);
Lisp_Object found;
found = Fmemq (buffer, f->buffer_list);
if (!NILP (found))
f->buffer_list = nconc2 (Fdelq (buffer, f->buffer_list),
Fcons (buffer, Qnil));
/* Modify the alist in *ALISTPTR to associate PROP with VAL.
If the alist already has an element for PROP, we change it. */
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