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; Mention non-ASCII encoding issues in CONTRIBUTE

* CONTRIBUTE: Document recommendations for encoding non-ASCII
characters in Emacs sources.
parent 1ac5a9c2
......@@ -201,6 +201,20 @@ then exclude that commit from the merge to trunk.
** Other process information
*** Non-ASCII characters in Emacs files
If you introduce non-ASCII characters into Emacs source files, it is a
good idea to add a 'coding' cookie to the file to state its encoding.
Please use the UTF-8 encoding unless it cannot do the job for some
good reason. As of Emacs 24.4, it is no longer necessary to have
explicit 'coding' cookies in *.el files if they are encoded in UTF-8,
but other files need them even if encoded in UTF-8. And even for *.el
files, having an explicit encoding specification facilitates correct
display of non-ASCII characters when the file is visited in older
Emacs versions.
*** Useful files in the admin/ directory
See all the files in admin/notes/* . In particular, see
admin/notes/newfile, see admin/notes/repo.
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