Commit f4afec8a authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(Rmail Display): Goto-address renamed to Goto Address mode.

parent 3da8da94
......@@ -1064,11 +1064,11 @@ highlighting entirely in Rmail, set @code{rmail-highlighted-headers}
to @code{nil}.
You can highlight and activate URLs in incoming messages by adding
the function @code{goto-address} to the hook
the function @code{goto-address-mode} to the hook
@code{rmail-show-message-hook}. Then you can browse these URLs by
clicking on them with @kbd{Mouse-2} (or @kbd{Mouse-1} quickly) or by
moving to one and typing @kbd{C-c @key{RET}}. @xref{Goto-address,
Activating URLs, Activating URLs}.
moving to one and typing @kbd{C-c @key{RET}}. @xref{Goto Address
mode, Activating URLs, Activating URLs}.
@node Rmail Coding
@section Rmail and Coding Systems
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