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(Configuration): Add entries on compiler/preprocessor mismatch, and on

preprocessor inserting whitespace.
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......@@ -2305,6 +2305,30 @@ the Emacs configure script, which should now find the jpeg library.
Alternatively, modify the generated src/Makefile to link the .a file
explicitly, and edit src/config.h to define HAVE_JPEG.
*** `configure' warns ``accepted by the compiler, rejected by the preprocessor''.
This indicates a mismatch between the C compiler and preprocessor that
configure is using. For example, on Solaris 10 trying to use
CC=/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc (the Sun Studio compiler) together with
CPP=/usr/ccs/lib/cpp can result in errors of this form (you may also
see the error ``"/usr/include/sys/isa_defs.h", line 500: undefined control'').
The solution is to tell configure to use the correct C preprocessor
for your C compiler (CPP="/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc -E" in the above
*** `configure' fails with ``"junk.c", line 660: invalid input token: 8.elc''
The final stage of the Emacs configure process uses the C preprocessor
to generate the Makefiles. Errors of this form can occur if the C
preprocessor inserts extra whitespace into its output. The solution
is to find the switches that stop your preprocessor from inserting extra
whitespace, add them to CPPFLAGS, and re-run configure. For example,
this error can occur on Solaris 10 when using the Sun Studio compiler
``Sun C 5.8'' with its preprocessor CPP="/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc -E".
The relevant switch in this case is "-Xs" (``compile assuming
(pre-ANSI) K & R C style code'').
** Compilation
*** Building Emacs over NFS fails with ``Text file busy''.
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