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(rmail-mime-attachment-dirs-alist): Doc fixes.  Fix custom-type.  Add version.
(rmail-mime-total-number-of-bulk-attachments): Doc fix.
(rmail-mime): Doc fix.  Use rmail-apply-in-message.
Disable undo in the mime buffer, mark unmodified.
parent 33b43245
......@@ -33,36 +33,45 @@
(require 'rmail)
(require 'mail-parse)
;;; Variables
;;; User options.
;; FIXME should these be in an rmail group?
;; FIXME we ought to be able to display images in Emacs.
(defcustom rmail-mime-media-type-handlers-alist
'(("multipart/.*" rmail-mime-multipart-handler)
("text/.*" rmail-mime-text-handler)
("text/\\(x-\\)?patch" rmail-mime-bulk-handler)
("application/pgp-signature" rmail-mime-application/pgp-signature-handler)
;; FIXME this handler not defined anywhere?
;;; ("application/pgp-signature" rmail-mime-application/pgp-signature-handler)
("\\(image\\|audio\\|video\\|application\\)/.*" rmail-mime-bulk-handler))
"Alist of media type handlers, also known as agents.
Every handler is a list of type (string symbol) where STRING is a
regular expression to match the media type with and SYMBOL is a
function to run. Handlers should return a non-nil value if the
job is done."
:type 'list
"Functions to handle various content types.
This is an alist with elements of the form (REGEXP FUNCTION).
REGEXP is a regular expression matching a content-type, and
FUNCTION is a handler function to run. It should return non-nil
if the job is done."
:type '(alist :key-type regexp :value-type (group function))
:version "23.1"
:group 'mime)
(defcustom rmail-mime-attachment-dirs-alist
`(("text/.*" "~/Documents")
("image/.*" "~/Pictures")
(".*" "~/Desktop" "~" ,temporary-file-directory))
"Default directories to save attachments into.
Each media type may have it's own list of directories in order of
preference. The first existing directory in the list will be
:type 'list
"Default directories to save attachments of various types into.
This is an alist with elements of the form (REGEXP DIR ...).
The first item is a regular expression matching a content-type.
The remaining elements are directories, in order of decreasing preference.
The first directory that exists is used."
:type '(alist :key-type regexp :value-type (repeat directory))
:version "23.1"
:group 'mime)
;;; End of user options.
(defvar rmail-mime-total-number-of-bulk-attachments 0
"A total number of attached bulk bodyparts in the message. If more than 3,
offer a way to save all attachments at once.")
"The total number of bulk attachments in the message.
If more than 3, offer a way to save all attachments at once.")
(put 'rmail-mime-total-number-of-bulk-attachments 'permanent-local t)
;;; Buttons
......@@ -106,6 +115,7 @@ offer a way to save all attachments at once.")
(when (coding-system-p coding-system)
(decode-coding-region (point-min) (point-max) coding-system))))
;; FIXME move to the test/ directory?
(defun test-rmail-mime-handler ()
"Test of a mail using no MIME parts at all."
(let ((mail "To:
......@@ -371,22 +381,22 @@ modified."
(defun rmail-mime ()
"Copy buffer contents to a temporary buffer and handle MIME.
This calls `rmail-mime-show' to do the real job."
"Process the current Rmail message as a MIME message.
This creates a temporary \"*RMAIL*\" buffer holding a decoded
copy of the message. Content-types are handled according to
`rmail-mime-media-type-handlers-alist'. By default, this
displays text and multipart messages, and offers to download
attachments as specfied by `rmail-mime-attachment-dirs-alist'."
(let ((data (with-current-buffer rmail-buffer
(rmail-msgbeg rmail-current-message)
(rmail-msgend rmail-current-message)))))
(let ((data (rmail-apply-in-message rmail-current-message 'buffer-string))
(buf (get-buffer-create "*RMAIL*")))
(set-buffer buf)
(setq buffer-undo-list t)
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
(insert data)
(rmail-mime-show t))
(rmail-mime-show t)
(set-buffer-modified-p nil))
(view-buffer buf)))
(defun rmail-mm-get-boundary-error-message (message type disposition encoding)
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