Commit f4e05d97 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann

(read_key_sequence): Check that key is an integer

before comparing it with quit_char.
(add_command_key): Use larger_vector.
(read_char_x_menu_prompt): Instead of converting symbol and
integer events into conses (EVENT . nil), use (EVENT . disabled)
which cannot be confused with legal events.
(read_char): When reading from Vunread_command_events, check for
events of the form (EVENT . disabled) instead of
(EVENT . nil).
parent 18f9986a
......@@ -885,8 +885,6 @@ static void
add_command_key (key)
Lisp_Object key;
int size = XVECTOR (this_command_keys)->size;
/* If reset-this-command-length was called recently, obey it now.
See the doc string of that function for an explanation of why. */
if (before_command_restore_flag)
......@@ -898,20 +896,15 @@ add_command_key (key)
before_command_restore_flag = 0;
if (this_command_key_count >= size)
Lisp_Object new_keys;
new_keys = Fmake_vector (make_number (size * 2), Qnil);
bcopy (XVECTOR (this_command_keys)->contents,
XVECTOR (new_keys)->contents,
size * sizeof (Lisp_Object));
this_command_keys = new_keys;
if (this_command_key_count >= ASIZE (this_command_keys))
this_command_keys = larger_vector (this_command_keys,
2 * ASIZE (this_command_keys),
XVECTOR (this_command_keys)->contents[this_command_key_count++] = key;
AREF (this_command_keys, this_command_key_count) = key;
recursive_edit_1 ()
......@@ -2149,10 +2142,10 @@ read_char (commandflag, nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
/* Undo what read_char_x_menu_prompt did when it unread
additional keys returned by Fx_popup_menu. */
if (CONSP (c)
&& (SYMBOLP (XCAR (c)) || INTEGERP (XCAR (c)))
&& NILP (XCDR (c)))
&& EQ (XCDR (c), Qdisabled)
&& (SYMBOLP (XCAR (c)) || INTEGERP (XCAR (c))))
c = XCAR (c);
/* If the queued event is something that used the mouse,
set used_mouse_menu accordingly. */
if (used_mouse_menu
......@@ -7421,14 +7414,12 @@ read_char_x_menu_prompt (nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
to indicate that they came from a mouse menu,
so that when present in last_nonmenu_event
they won't confuse things. */
for (tem = XCDR (value); !NILP (tem);
tem = XCDR (tem))
for (tem = XCDR (value); !NILP (tem); tem = XCDR (tem))
record_menu_key (XCAR (tem));
if (SYMBOLP (XCAR (tem))
|| INTEGERP (XCAR (tem)))
XCAR (tem)
= Fcons (XCAR (tem), Qnil);
XCAR (tem) = Fcons (XCAR (tem), Qdisabled);
/* If we got more than one event, put all but the first
......@@ -8183,7 +8174,9 @@ read_key_sequence (keybuf, bufsize, prompt, dont_downcase_last,
/* If we have a quit that was typed in another frame, and
quit_throw_to_read_char switched buffers,
replay to get the right keymap. */
if (XINT (key) == quit_char && current_buffer != starting_buffer)
if (INTEGERP (key)
&& XINT (key) == quit_char
&& current_buffer != starting_buffer)
XVECTOR (raw_keybuf)->contents[raw_keybuf_count++] = key;
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