Commit f4e1400d authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(enum fringe_bitmap_type): Define here.

(struct fringe_bitmap, struct draw_fringe_bitmap_params): New.
(fringe_bitmaps): Declare extern.
(struct redisplay_interface): New member draw_fringe_bitmap.
(draw_row_fringe_bitmaps, compute_fringe_widths): Declare extern.
parent 9668be7c
......@@ -1480,6 +1480,50 @@ extern int face_change_count;
enum fringe_bitmap_type
struct fringe_bitmap
int width;
int height;
int period;
unsigned char *bits;
/* Structure used to describe where and how to draw a fringe bitmap.
WHICH is the fringe bitmap to draw. WD and H is the (adjusted)
width and height of the bitmap, DH is the height adjustment (if
bitmap is periodic). X and Y are frame coordinates of the area to
display the bitmap, DY is relative offset of the bitmap into that
area. BX, NX, BY, NY specifies the area to clear if the bitmap
does not fill the entire area. FACE is the fringe face. */
struct draw_fringe_bitmap_params
enum fringe_bitmap_type which;
int wd, h, dh;
int x, y;
int bx, nx, by, ny;
struct face *face;
extern struct fringe_bitmap fringe_bitmaps[MAX_FRINGE_BITMAPS];
Display Iterator
......@@ -1977,6 +2021,11 @@ struct redisplay_interface
desired rows have been made current. */
void (*fix_overlapping_area) P_ ((struct window *w, struct glyph_row *row,
enum glyph_row_area area));
/* Draw a fringe bitmap in window W of row ROW using parameters P. */
void (*draw_fringe_bitmap) P_ ((struct window *w, struct glyph_row *row,
struct draw_fringe_bitmap_params *p));
/* The current interface for window-based redisplay. */
......@@ -2283,6 +2332,8 @@ int in_display_vector_p P_ ((struct it *));
int frame_mode_line_height P_ ((struct frame *));
void highlight_trailing_whitespace P_ ((struct frame *, struct glyph_row *));
int tool_bar_item_info P_ ((struct frame *, struct glyph *, int *));
void draw_row_fringe_bitmaps P_ ((struct window *, struct glyph_row *));
void compute_fringe_widths P_ ((struct frame *, int));
extern Lisp_Object Qtool_bar;
extern Lisp_Object Vshow_trailing_whitespace;
extern int mode_line_in_non_selected_windows;
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