Commit f4f745d9 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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Change the Arabic words apearing in Non-ASCII examples to

iso-8859-6 characters.
parent 3873a30f
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Non-ASCII examples:
Europe: ,A!(BHola!, Gr,A|_(B Gott, Hyv,Add(B p,Ad(Biv,Add(B, Tere ,Au(Bhtust, Bon,Cu(Bu
Cze,B6f(B!, Dobr,B}(B den, ,L7T`PRabRcYbU(B!, ,FCei\(B ,Fsar(B, $,1J2J0J;J0J@JOJ=J1J0(B
Africa: $(3!A!,!>(B
Middle/Near East: ,Hylem(B, (38R(47d(3T!JSa(4W(3W(B
Middle/Near East: ,Hylem(B, ,GecjdY(B ,GeGdqSdG(B
South Asia: $,19h9n9x:-9d:'(B, $,15h5n5x6-5d6'(B, $,1?(?.?8?M>u?>?0(B, $,1@H@N@X@m@5@^@P@"(B, $,1;6;A;#;?;,;G(B,
$,1AFAzB4AvB=B AqB*(B, $,1<U<C<5<m<5<N<m(B, $,1=h=n=x>-=U=~=p=B(B, $(7"7"!#C!;"E"S"G!;"7"2"[!;"D"["#"G!>(B
South East Asia: $,1\'\f\:\V\4\?\]\:(B, (1JP:R-4U(B, $,1H9H$HYrmH"H<HLH5HL(B, ,TJGQJ4U$CQ:(B, Ch,1`(Bo b,1U(Bn
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