Commit f5080b22 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(get_phys_cursor_geometry): Return computed x and y through

parameters.  Adjust x and width in case cursor in on a partially
visible stretch glyph on the left edge.
(erase_phys_cursor): Don't erase into left fringe/margin in case
previous cursor glyph is a partially visible stretch glyph on left.
parent 26837cd3
......@@ -1986,15 +1986,15 @@ get_glyph_string_clip_rect (s, nr)
Set w->phys_cursor_width to width of phys cursor.
get_phys_cursor_geometry (w, row, glyph, heightp)
get_phys_cursor_geometry (w, row, glyph, xp, yp, heightp)
struct window *w;
struct glyph_row *row;
struct glyph *glyph;
int *heightp;
int *xp, *yp, *heightp;
struct frame *f = XFRAME (WINDOW_FRAME (w));
int y, wd, h, h0, y0;
int x, y, wd, h, h0, y0;
/* Compute the width of the rectangle to draw. If on a stretch
glyph, and `x-stretch-block-cursor' is nil, don't draw a
......@@ -2004,6 +2004,14 @@ get_phys_cursor_geometry (w, row, glyph, heightp)
wd++; /* Why? */
x = w->phys_cursor.x;
if (x < 0)
wd += x;
x = 0;
if (glyph->type == STRETCH_GLYPH
&& !x_stretch_cursor_p)
wd = min (FRAME_COLUMN_WIDTH (f), wd);
......@@ -2033,8 +2041,9 @@ get_phys_cursor_geometry (w, row, glyph, heightp)
*heightp = h;
return WINDOW_TO_FRAME_PIXEL_Y (w, y);
......@@ -21319,7 +21328,7 @@ erase_phys_cursor (w)
/* Maybe clear the display under the cursor. */
if (w->phys_cursor_type == HOLLOW_BOX_CURSOR)
int x, y;
int x, y, left_x;
int header_line_height = WINDOW_HEADER_LINE_HEIGHT (w);
int width;
......@@ -21327,11 +21336,16 @@ erase_phys_cursor (w)
if (cursor_glyph == NULL)
goto mark_cursor_off;
x = WINDOW_TEXT_TO_FRAME_PIXEL_X (w, w->phys_cursor.x);
width = cursor_glyph->pixel_width;
left_x = window_box_left_offset (w, TEXT_AREA);
x = w->phys_cursor.x;
if (x < left_x)
width -= left_x - x;
width = min (width, window_box_width (w, TEXT_AREA) - x);
y = WINDOW_TO_FRAME_PIXEL_Y (w, max (header_line_height, cursor_row->y));
width = min (cursor_glyph->pixel_width,
window_box_width (w, TEXT_AREA) - w->phys_cursor.x);
x = WINDOW_TEXT_TO_FRAME_PIXEL_X (w, max (x, left_x));
if (width > 0)
rif->clear_frame_area (f, x, y, width, cursor_row->visible_height);
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