Commit f52a3ca3 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(Finteractive_form): Rename from Fsubr_interactive_form.

Extend to handle all kinds of functions.
parent a21aa165
/* Primitive operations on Lisp data types for GNU Emacs Lisp interpreter.
Copyright (C) 1985,86,88,93,94,95,97,98,99, 2000, 2001, 2003
Copyright (C) 1985,86,88,93,94,95,97,98,99, 2000, 2001, 03, 2004
Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -761,17 +761,39 @@ function with `&rest' args, or `unevalled' for a special form. */)
return Fcons (make_number (minargs), make_number (maxargs));
DEFUN ("subr-interactive-form", Fsubr_interactive_form, Ssubr_interactive_form, 1, 1, 0,
doc: /* Return the interactive form of SUBR or nil if none.
SUBR must be a built-in function. Value, if non-nil, is a list
DEFUN ("interactive-form", Finteractive_form, Sinteractive_form, 1, 1, 0,
doc: /* Return the interactive form of CMD or nil if none.
CMD must be a command. Value, if non-nil, is a list
\(interactive SPEC). */)
Lisp_Object subr;
Lisp_Object cmd;
if (!SUBRP (subr))
wrong_type_argument (Qsubrp, subr);
if (XSUBR (subr)->prompt)
return list2 (Qinteractive, build_string (XSUBR (subr)->prompt));
Lisp_Object fun = indirect_function (cmd);
if (SUBRP (fun))
if (XSUBR (fun)->prompt)
return list2 (Qinteractive, build_string (XSUBR (fun)->prompt));
else if (COMPILEDP (fun))
return list2 (Qinteractive, AREF (fun, COMPILED_INTERACTIVE));
else if (CONSP (fun))
Lisp_Object funcar = XCAR (fun);
if (EQ (funcar, Qlambda))
return Fassq (Qinteractive, Fcdr (XCDR (fun)));
else if (EQ (funcar, Qautoload))
struct gcpro gcpro1;
GCPRO1 (cmd);
do_autoload (fun, cmd);
return Finteractive_form (cmd);
return Qnil;
......@@ -3209,7 +3231,7 @@ syms_of_data ()
staticpro (&Qhash_table);
defsubr (&Sindirect_variable);
defsubr (&Ssubr_interactive_form);
defsubr (&Sinteractive_form);
defsubr (&Seq);
defsubr (&Snull);
defsubr (&Stype_of);
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