Commit f54253ec authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(mark_object): Mark the new `next' field of overlays.

(mark_buffer): Manually mark the overlays_(after|before) fields.
parent d2394df5
......@@ -5007,8 +5007,12 @@ mark_object (arg)
struct Lisp_Overlay *ptr = XOVERLAY (obj);
mark_object (ptr->start);
mark_object (ptr->end);
obj = ptr->plist;
goto loop;
mark_object (ptr->plist);
if (ptr->next)
XSETMISC (obj, ptr->next);
goto loop;
......@@ -5062,7 +5066,7 @@ mark_buffer (buf)
Lisp_Object buf;
register struct buffer *buffer = XBUFFER (buf);
register Lisp_Object *ptr;
register Lisp_Object *ptr, tmp;
Lisp_Object base_buffer;
VECTOR_MARK (buffer);
......@@ -5105,6 +5109,17 @@ mark_buffer (buf)
mark_object (buffer->undo_list);
if (buffer->overlays_before)
XSETMISC (tmp, buffer->overlays_before);
mark_object (tmp);
if (buffer->overlays_after)
XSETMISC (tmp, buffer->overlays_after);
mark_object (tmp);
for (ptr = &buffer->name;
(char *)ptr < (char *)buffer + sizeof (struct buffer);
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