Commit f55bbc68 authored by Theodor Thornhill's avatar Theodor Thornhill
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Add sentence and sexp movement to c-ts-mode

* lisp/progmodes/c-ts-mode.el (c-ts-base-mode): Add
'treesit-sentence-type-regexp' and 'treesit-sexp-type-regexp' node
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......@@ -896,6 +896,37 @@ Set up:
(setq-local treesit-defun-skipper #'c-ts-mode--defun-skipper)
(setq-local treesit-defun-name-function #'c-ts-mode--defun-name)
(setq-local treesit-sentence-type-regexp
;; compound_statement makes us jump over too big units
;; of code, so skip that one, and include the other
;; statements.
(regexp-opt '("preproc"
(setq-local treesit-sexp-type-regexp
(regexp-opt '("preproc"
;; Nodes like struct/enum/union_specifier can appear in
;; function_definitions, so we need to find the top-level node.
(setq-local treesit-defun-prefer-top-level t)
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