Commit f5957179 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(Fget_char_property): New function.

parent 42db5687
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. */
#include "lisp.h"
#include "intervals.h"
#include "buffer.h"
#include "window.h"
/* NOTES: previous- and next- property change will have to skip
......@@ -519,6 +520,67 @@ If POSITION is at the end of OBJECT, the value is nil.")
return textget (i->plist, prop);
DEFUN ("get-char-property", Fget_char_property, Sget_char_property, 2, 3, 0,
"Return the value of position POS's property PROP, in OBJECT.\n\
OBJECT is optional and defaults to the current buffer.\n\
If POSITION is at the end of OBJECT, the value is nil.\n\
If OBJECT is a buffer, then overlay properties are considered as well as\n\
text properties.
If OBJECT is a window, then that window's buffer is used, but window-specific
overlays are considered only if they are associated with OBJECT.")
(pos, prop, object)
Lisp_Object pos, object;
register Lisp_Object prop;
struct window *w = 0;
if (NILP (object))
XSET (object, Lisp_Buffer, current_buffer);
if (WINDOWP (object))
w = XWINDOW (object);
XSET (object, Lisp_Buffer, w->buffer);
if (BUFFERP (object))
int posn = XINT (pos);
int noverlays;
Lisp_Object *overlay_vec, tem;
int next_overlay;
int len;
/* First try with room for 40 overlays. */
len = 40;
overlay_vec = (Lisp_Object *) alloca (len * sizeof (Lisp_Object));
noverlays = overlays_at (posn, 0, &overlay_vec, &len, &next_overlay);
/* If there are more than 40,
make enough space for all, and try again. */
if (noverlays > len)
len = noverlays;
overlay_vec = (Lisp_Object *) alloca (len * sizeof (Lisp_Object));
noverlays = overlays_at (posn, 0, &overlay_vec, &len, &next_overlay);
noverlays = sort_overlays (overlay_vec, noverlays, w);
/* Now check the overlays in order of decreasing priority. */
while (--noverlays >= 0)
tem = Foverlay_get (overlay_vec[noverlays], prop);
if (!NILP (tem))
return (tem);
/* Not a buffer, or no appropriate overlay, so fall through to the
simpler case. */
return (Fget_text_property (pos, prop, object));
DEFUN ("next-property-change", Fnext_property_change,
Snext_property_change, 1, 3, 0,
"Return the position of next property change.\n\
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