Commit f5a96a4f authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Removed deleted command from gnus.texi.

* doc/misc/gnus.texi (Group Information):
Remove gnus-group-fetch-faq, command deleted 2010-09-24.
parent fe7a3057
2011-11-20 Glenn Morris <>
* gnus.texi (Group Information):
Remove gnus-group-fetch-faq, command deleted 2010-09-24.
2011-11-20 Juanma Barranquero <> 2011-11-20 Juanma Barranquero <>
* gnus-coding.texi (Gnus Maintenance Guide): * gnus-coding.texi (Gnus Maintenance Guide):
...@@ -4491,23 +4491,6 @@ news. ...@@ -4491,23 +4491,6 @@ news.
@table @kbd @table @kbd
@item H f
@kindex H f (Group)
@findex gnus-group-fetch-faq
@vindex gnus-group-faq-directory
@cindex FAQ
@cindex ange-ftp
Try to fetch the @acronym{FAQ} for the current group
(@code{gnus-group-fetch-faq}). Gnus will try to get the @acronym{FAQ}
from @code{gnus-group-faq-directory}, which is usually a directory on
a remote machine. This variable can also be a list of directories.
In that case, giving a prefix to this command will allow you to choose
between the various sites. @code{ange-ftp} (or @code{efs}) will be
used for fetching the file.
If fetching from the first site is unsuccessful, Gnus will attempt to go
through @code{gnus-group-faq-directory} and try to open them one by one.
@item H d @item H d
@itemx C-c C-d @itemx C-c C-d
@c @icon{gnus-group-describe-group} @c @icon{gnus-group-describe-group}
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