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......@@ -57,6 +57,11 @@ See the files mac/README and mac/INSTALL for build instructions.
* Changes in Emacs 21.4
** The mode line position information now comes before the major mode.
When the file is maintained under version control, that information
appears between the position information and the major mode.
** You can now customize the use of window fringes. To control this
for all frames, use M-x fringe-mode or the Show/Hide submenu of the
......@@ -608,6 +613,17 @@ now uses normal-erase-is-backspace-mode.
controls whether or not the function `make-auto-save-file-name' will
attempt to construct a unique auto-save name (e.g. for remote files).
** Diary sexp entries can have custom marking in the calendar.
Diary sexp functions which only apply to certain days (such as
`diary-block' or `diary-cyclic' now take an optional parameter MARK,
which is the name of a face or a single-character string indicating
how to highlight the day in the calendar display. Specifying a
single-character string as @var{mark} places the character next to the
day in the calendar. Specifying a face highlights the day with that
face. This lets you have different colors or markings for vacations,
appointments, paydays or anything else using a sexp.
** VC Changes
*** The key C-x C-q no longer checks files in or out, it only changes
2002-07-29 Richard M. Stallman <>
* textmodes/ispell.el (check-ispell-version): Bind default-directory
to avoid errors. Kill the old temp buffer at the beginning.
2002-07-29 Glenn Morris <>
* scroll-all.el (scroll-all-mode): Make argument optional. Doc fix.
......@@ -10,7 +15,7 @@
2002-07-29 Kenichi Handa <>
* international/mule.el (ctext-post-read-conversion): Add support
for emboded utf-8 encodng (ESC % G ... ESC % @).
for embedded utf-8 encoding (ESC % G ... ESC % @).
2002-07-28 Kenichi Handa <>
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