Commit f5d6b9bb authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Revert "Support integer image rotation and respect EXIF rotations"

This reverts commit 0f600496.

This change does not work on Fedora.
parent afe7d1f7
......@@ -8546,16 +8546,6 @@ imagemagick_load_image (struct frame *f, struct image *img,
return 0;
/* If no :rotation is explicitly specified, apply the automatic
rotation from EXIF. */
if (NILP (image_spec_value (img->spec, QCrotation, NULL)))
if (MagickAutoOrientImage (image_wand) == MagickFalse)
image_error ("Error applying automatic orientation in image `%s'", img->spec);
DestroyMagickWand (image_wand);
return 0;
if (ino < 0 || ino >= MagickGetNumberImages (image_wand))
image_error ("Invalid image number `%s' in image `%s'", image, img->spec);
......@@ -8656,7 +8646,7 @@ imagemagick_load_image (struct frame *f, struct image *img,
image_spec_value (img->spec, QCbackground, NULL); if (!STRINGP
(specified_bg). */
value = image_spec_value (img->spec, QCrotation, NULL);
if (FLOATP (value) || INTEGERP (value))
if (FLOATP (value))
rotation = extract_float (value);
status = MagickRotateImage (image_wand, bg_wand, rotation);
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