Commit f5e70acd authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(x_set_frame_parameters): Process all parms in reverse order.

parent ebc9936d
......@@ -332,26 +332,51 @@ x_set_frame_parameters (f, alist)
/* Same here. */
Lisp_Object left, top;
width = height = top = left = Qnil;
/* Record in these vectors all the parms specified. */
Lisp_Object *parms;
Lisp_Object *values;
int i;
i = 0;
for (tail = alist; CONSP (tail); tail = Fcdr (tail))
parms = (Lisp_Object *) alloca (i * sizeof (Lisp_Object));
values = (Lisp_Object *) alloca (i * sizeof (Lisp_Object));
/* Extract parm names and values into those vectors. */
i = 0;
for (tail = alist; CONSP (tail); tail = Fcdr (tail))
Lisp_Object elt, prop, val;
elt = Fcar (tail);
prop = Fcar (elt);
val = Fcdr (elt);
parms[i] = Fcar (elt);
values[i] = Fcdr (elt);
/* Ignore all but the first set presented. You're supposed to
be able to append two parameter lists and have the first
shadow the second. */
if (EQ (prop, Qwidth) && NILP (width))
XSET (width, Lisp_Int, FRAME_WIDTH (f));
XSET (height, Lisp_Int, FRAME_HEIGHT (f));
XSET (top, Lisp_Int, f->display.x->top_pos);
XSET (left, Lisp_Int, f->display.x->left_pos);
/* Now process them in reverse of specified order. */
for (i--; i >= 0; i--)
Lisp_Object prop, val;
prop = parms[i];
val = values[i];
if (EQ (prop, Qwidth))
width = val;
else if (EQ (prop, Qheight) && NILP (height))
else if (EQ (prop, Qheight))
height = val;
else if (EQ (prop, Qtop) && NILP (top))
else if (EQ (prop, Qtop))
top = val;
else if (EQ (prop, Qleft) && NILP (left))
else if (EQ (prop, Qleft))
left = val;
......@@ -372,12 +397,6 @@ x_set_frame_parameters (f, alist)
Lisp_Object frame;
if (NILP (width)) XSET (width, Lisp_Int, FRAME_WIDTH (f));
if (NILP (height)) XSET (height, Lisp_Int, FRAME_HEIGHT (f));
if (NILP (top)) XSET (top, Lisp_Int, f->display.x->top_pos);
if (NILP (left)) XSET (left, Lisp_Int, f->display.x->left_pos);
XSET (frame, Lisp_Frame, f);
if (XINT (width) != FRAME_WIDTH (f)
|| XINT (height) != FRAME_HEIGHT (f))
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