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Document next-error-follow-mode.

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......@@ -247,6 +247,12 @@ The new file etc/compilation.txt gives examples of each type of message.
Hits are fontified in green, and hits in binary files in orange. Grep buffers
can be saved and automatically revisited with the new Grep mode.
** A new minor mode `next-error-follow-mode' can be used in
compilation-mode, grep-mode, occur-mode, and diff-mode (i.e. all the modes
that can use `next-error') to associate cursor movements in
compilation, grep, occur or diff buffers with cursor movements in the
target buffers. This minor mode can be toggled with C-c C-f.
** M-x diff uses diff-mode instead of compilation-mode.
** M-x compare-windows now can automatically skip non-matching text to
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