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eaa00584 Improve documentation of 'gnutls-verify-error'
908498cc ; etc/PROBLEMS: Describe GTK-related crashes on elementar...
741daec6 ; Describe the problem with ksh when resizing shell window
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......@@ -217,6 +217,28 @@ result in an endless loop.
If you need Emacs to be able to recover from closing displays, compile
it with the Lucid toolkit instead of GTK.
** Emacs compiled with GTK crashes at startup due to X protocol error.
This is known to happen on elementary OS GNU/Linux systems.
The error message is:
X protocol error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) on protocol request 140
When compiled with GTK, Emacs cannot recover from X disconnects.
This is a GTK bug:
For details, see etc/PROBLEMS.
Fatal error 6: Aborted
followed by a C backtrace. (Sometimes the offending protocol request
number is 139.)
The relevant bug report is here:
A workaround is to set XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 in the environment
before starting Emacs, or run Emacs as root.
** Emacs crashes when you try to view a file with complex characters.
For example, the etc/HELLO file (as shown by C-h h).
......@@ -469,6 +491,17 @@ problem by adding this to your .cshrc file:
stty -icrnl -onlcr -echo susp ^Z
*** In Shell buffers using ksh, resizing a window inserts random characters.
The characters come from the PS2 prompt, but they are not followed by
a newline, which messes up the next command you type. This strange
effect is caused by Emacs 25 and later telling the shell that its
screen size changed.
To work around the problem, customize the option
'window-adjust-process-window-size-function' to "Do not adjust process
window sizes" (Lisp value 'ignore').
*** In Inferior Python mode, input is echoed and native completion doesn't work.
......@@ -52,7 +52,27 @@ set this variable to \"normal:-dhe-rsa\"."
(defcustom gnutls-verify-error nil
"If non-nil, this should be a list of checks per hostname regex or t."
"If non-nil, this should be t or a list of checks per hostname regex.
If nil, the default, failures in certificate verification will be
logged (subject to `gnutls-log-level'), but the connection will be
allowed to proceed.
If the value is a list, it should have the form
where each HOST-REGEX is a regular expression to be matched
against the hostname, and FLAGS is either t or a list of
one or more verification flags. The supported flags and the
corresponding conditions to be tested are:
:trustfiles -- certificate must be issued by a trusted authority.
:hostname -- hostname must match presented certificate's host name.
t -- all of the above conditions are tested.
If the condition test fails, an error will be signaled.
If the value of this variable is t, every connection will be subjected
to all of the tests described above."
:group 'gnutls
:version "24.4"
:type '(choice
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