Commit f5f95838 authored by Alan Third's avatar Alan Third

Improve XPM load failure message (bug#33126)

* src/image.c (xpm_load_image): Only XPM3 is supported, so make that
parent f3d01d46
......@@ -2616,6 +2616,13 @@ please call support for your X-server and see if you can get a fix.
If you do, please send it to so we can list it here.
* Runtime problems specific to macOS
** macOS doesn't come with libxpm, so only XPM3 is supported.
Libxpm is available for macOS as part of the XQuartz project.
* Build-time problems
** Configuration
......@@ -4308,7 +4308,7 @@ xpm_load_image (struct frame *f,
return 1;
image_error ("Invalid XPM file (%s)", img->spec);
image_error ("Invalid XPM3 file (%s)", img->spec);
x_destroy_x_image (ximg);
x_destroy_x_image (mask_img);
x_clear_image (f, img);
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