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......@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ types any more. Add -DUSE_LISP_UNION_TYPE if you want union types.
** iso-acc.el is now obsolete. Use one of the latin input methods instead.
** Languange environment and various default coding systems are setup
more correctly according to the current locale name. If the locale
name doesn't specify a charset, the default is what glibc defines.
......@@ -259,6 +260,7 @@ specified by the syntax table.
*** rx.el has new corresponding `symbol-end' and `symbol-start' elements.
** Passing resources on the command line now works on MS Windows.
You can use --xrm to pass resource settings to Emacs, overriding any
existing values. For example:
......@@ -841,6 +843,7 @@ possible matches.
the current Info node name into the kill ring. With a zero prefix
arg, puts the node name inside the `info' function call.
*** New face `info-xref-visited' distinguishes visited nodes from unvisited
and a new option `Info-fontify-visited-nodes' to control this.
......@@ -852,6 +855,7 @@ references and following them calls `browse-url'.
If you prefer the old behavior, you can set the new user option
`Info-hide-note-references' to nil.
*** Images in Info pages are supported.
Info pages show embedded images, in Emacs frames with image support.
Info documentation that includes images, processed with makeinfo
......@@ -938,6 +942,7 @@ horizontal scroll bars in a frame or window.
** Under X, mouse-wheel-mode is turned on by default.
** The X resource useXIM can be used to turn off use of XIM, which may
speed up Emacs with slow networking to the X server.
......@@ -1003,6 +1008,7 @@ You can now put the init files .emacs and .emacs_SHELL under
instead. The updated skeleton-insert docstring explains these new
features along with other details of skeleton construction.
** MH-E changes.
Upgraded to MH-E version 7.82. There have been major changes since
......@@ -1236,6 +1242,7 @@ when Emacs visits them.
default, all trivial operations involving whole lines are performed
automatically. The game uses faces for better visual feedback.
** The new variable `x-select-request-type' controls how Emacs
requests X selection. The default value is nil, which means that
Emacs requests X selection with types COMPOUND_TEXT and UTF8_STRING,
......@@ -2411,6 +2418,7 @@ used to effect hiding for hideshow minor mode. Integration with isearch
handles the overlay property `display' specially, preserving it during
temporary overlay showing in the course of an isearch operation.
** New command `recode-region' decodes the region again by a specified
coding system.
......@@ -2425,10 +2433,12 @@ section { }). Many files under /etc/, or with suffixes like .cf through
.config, .properties (Java), .desktop (KDE/Gnome), .ini and many others are
** The new package dns-mode.el add syntax highlight of DNS master files.
The key binding C-c C-s (`dns-mode-soa-increment-serial') can be used
to increment the SOA serial.
** The new package flymake.el does on-the-fly syntax checking of program
source files. See the Flymake's Info manual for more details.
......@@ -2436,9 +2446,11 @@ source files. See the Flymake's Info manual for more details.
of hierarchical data as an outline. For example, the tree-widget is
well suited to display a hierarchy of directories and files.
** The wdired.el package allows you to use normal editing commands on Dired
buffers to change filenames, permissions, etc...
** The thumbs.el package allows you to preview image files as thumbnails
and can be invoked from a Dired buffer.
......@@ -2451,6 +2463,7 @@ and can be invoked from a Dired buffer.
** The new global minor mode `size-indication-mode' (off by default)
shows the size of accessible part of the buffer on the mode line.
** GDB-Script-mode is used for files like .gdbinit.
......@@ -2506,6 +2519,7 @@ versions of cua.el and cua-mode.el. To ensure proper operation, you
must remove older versions of cua.el or cua-mode.el as well as the
loading and customization of those packages from the .emacs file.
** The new keypad setup package provides several common bindings for
the numeric keypad which is available on most keyboards. The numeric
keypad typically has the digits 0 to 9, a decimal point, keys marked
......@@ -2633,6 +2647,7 @@ There is also Global Reveal mode which affects all buffers.
** The new package ibuffer provides a powerful, completely
customizable replacement for buff-menu.el.
** The new package table.el implements editable, WYSIWYG, embedded
`text tables' in Emacs buffers. It simulates the effect of putting
these tables in a special major mode. The package emulates WYSIWYG
......@@ -2655,17 +2670,20 @@ mode-lines in inverse-video.
** cplus-md.el has been removed to avoid problems with Custom.
** New package benchmark.el contains simple support for convenient
timing measurements of code (including the garbage collection component).
** The new Lisp library fringe.el controls the appearance of fringes.
** `cfengine-mode' is a major mode for editing GNU Cfengine
configuration files.
* Incompatible Lisp Changes in Emacs 22.1
** The new interactive-specification `G' reads a file name
much like `F', but if the input is a directory name (even defaulted),
it returns just the directory name.
......@@ -3205,6 +3223,7 @@ contents are detected automatically. However, certain implicit
changes to mode lines, header lines, or display properties may require
forcing an explicit window update.
** New function `redirect-debugging-output' can be used to redirect
debugging output on the stderr file handle to a file.
......@@ -4405,6 +4424,7 @@ formerly used for that purpose is now an alias for locale-coding-system.
display a prompt but don't use the minibuffer, now display the prompt
using the text properties (esp. the face) of the prompt string.
** New function x-send-client-message sends a client message when
running under X.
......@@ -4414,6 +4434,7 @@ all overlays in the buffer by just calling (remove-overlay).
** New packages:
*** The new package gdb-ui.el provides an enhanced graphical interface to
GDB. You can interact with GDB through the GUD buffer in the usual way, but
there are also further buffers which control the execution and describe the
......@@ -4430,6 +4451,7 @@ current syntactic context (as returned by parse-partial-sexp).
binary data structures, such as network packets, to and from Lisp
data structures.
*** The TCL package tcl-mode.el was replaced by tcl.el.
This was actually done in Emacs-21.1, and was not documented.
2005-03-26 Chong Yidong <>
* anti.texi (Antinews): Mention `G' interactive code.
* tips.texi (Compilation Tips): Mention benchmark.el.
2005-03-27 Luc Teirlinck <>
* modes.texi (Other Font Lock Variables): `font-lock-fontify-block'
2005-03-28 Richard M. Stallman <>
* calendar.texi: Minor fixes to previous change.
* programs.texi (Fortran): Small fixes to previous changes.
* emacs.texi (Top): Update list of subnodes of Dired.
Likewise for building.texi.
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