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; * CONTRIBUTE: Clarify the preferences for patch formatting.

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......@@ -53,9 +53,18 @@ archives.
To email a patch you can use a shell command like 'git format-patch -1'
to create a file, and then attach the file to your email. This nicely
packages the patch's commit message and changes. To send just one
such patch without additional remarks, you can use a command like
'git send-email 0001-DESCRIPTION.patch'.
packages the patch's commit message and changes, and makes sure the
format and whitespace are not munged in transit by the various mail
agents. To send just one such patch without additional remarks, it is
also possible to use a command like
git send-email 0001-DESCRIPTION.patch'.
However, we prefer the 'git format-patch' method with attachment, as
doing so delivers patches in the correct and easily-recognizable format
more reliably, and makes the job of applying the patches easier and less
error-prone. It also allows to send patches whose author is someone
other than the email sender.
Once the cumulative amount of your submissions exceeds about 15 lines
of non-trivial changes, we will need you to assign to the FSF the
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