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Add "New in Emacs 25" section to the FAQ

* doc/misc/efaq.texi (Latest version of Emacs): Update for later
(New in Emacs 25): New node.
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......@@ -931,6 +931,7 @@ status of its latest version.
* Origin of the term Emacs::
* Latest version of Emacs::
* New in Emacs 25::
* New in Emacs 24::
* New in Emacs 23::
* New in Emacs 22::
......@@ -977,9 +978,9 @@ conventions}).
@cindex Bazaar repository, Emacs
Emacs @value{EMACSVER} is the current version as of this writing. A version
number with two components (e.g., @samp{22.1}) indicates a released
number with two components (e.g., @samp{24.5}) indicates a released
version; three components indicate a development
version (e.g., @samp{23.0.50} is what will eventually become @samp{23.1}).
version (e.g., @samp{26.0.50} is what will eventually become @samp{26.1}).
Emacs is under active development, hosted at
@uref{, Savannah}.
......@@ -998,6 +999,106 @@ Emacs, type @kbd{C-h C-n} (@kbd{M-x view-emacs-news}). As of Emacs 22,
you can give this command a prefix argument to read about which features
were new in older versions.
@node New in Emacs 25
@section What is different about Emacs 25?
@cindex Differences between Emacs 24 and Emacs 25
@cindex Emacs 25, new features in
@cindex xwidgets
Emacs can now embed native widgets inside Emacs buffers, if you have
gtk3 and webkitgtk3 installed. E.g., to access the embedded webkit
browser widget, type @kbd{M-x xwidget-webkit-browse-url}.
@cindex loadable modules
Emacs can now dynamically load external modules compiled as shared
@cindex Unicode characters, typing easily
@kbd{C-x 8} has new shorthands for several popular characters, type
@kbd{C-x 8 C-h} to list shorthands.
@cindex automatic display of Lisp APIs
A new minor mode @code{global-eldoc-mode} is enabled by default, and
shows in the echo area or in the mode line the argument list of the
Emacs Lisp form at point.
@cindex pasting text on text terminals
@cindex bracketed paste mode
On text terminals that support the ``bracketed paste mode'' EMacs now
uses that mode by default. This mode allows Emacs to distinguish
between pasted text and text typed by the user.
@cindex Unicode 9.0.0
Emacs 25 comes with data files imported from the latest Unicode
Standard version 9.0.0.
@cindex bidirectional editing
The support for bidirectional editing was updated to include all the
features mandated by the latest Unicode Standard version 9.0.0.
@cindex character folding in searches
Search command can now perform character folding in matches. This is
analogous to case folding, but instead of disregarding case variants,
it disregards wider classes of distinctions between similar
characters, such as matching different variants of double quote
characters, ignoring diacriticals, etc.
@cindex eww
The Emacs Web Browser EWW was extended to render text using
variable-pitch fonts, and got other new features.
@cindex rmail, and HTML mails
Rmail can now render HTML mail messages, if Emacs is built with
libxml2 or if you have the Lynx browser installed.
@cindex support for push commands in VC
VC now has basic support for @code{push} commands, implemented for
Bzr, Git, and Hg.
@cindex hide-ifdef, C/C@t{++} expressions in macros
Hide-IfDef mode now support full C/C@t{++} expressions in macros,
macro argument expansion, interactive macro evaluation and automatic
scanning of @code{#define}d symbols.
@cindex xref
New package Xref replaces Etags's front-end and UI. Xref provides a
generic framework and new commands to find and move to definitions of
functions, macros, data structures etc., as well as go back to the
location where you were before moving to a definition. It supersedes
and obsoletes many Etags commands, while still using the etags.el code
that reads the TAGS tables as one of its back-ends. As result, the
popular key bindings @kbd{M-.} and @kbd{M-,} have been changed to
invoke Xref commands.
@cindex project
The new package Project provides generic infrastructure for dealing
with projects.
@cindex horizontal scroll bars
Emacs can now draw horizontal scroll bars on some platforms that
provide toolkit scroll bars, namely Gtk+, Lucid, Motif and Windows.
@end itemize
Consult the Emacs @file{NEWS} file (@kbd{C-h n}) for the full list of
changes in Emacs 25.
@node New in Emacs 24
@section What is different about Emacs 24?
@cindex Differences between Emacs 23 and Emacs 24
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