Commit f6270f62 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(Fopen_network_stream): Use HAVE_GAI_STRERROR.

parent 9d280ef7
......@@ -1822,7 +1822,12 @@ Fourth arg SERVICE is name of the service desired, or an integer\n\
hints.ai_protocol = 0;
ret = getaddrinfo (XSTRING (host)->data, portstring, &hints, &res);
if (ret)
error ("%s/%s %s", XSTRING (host)->data, portstring, gai_strerror(ret));
error ("%s/%s getaddrinfo error %d", XSTRING (host)->data, portstring,
immediate_quit = 0;
/* Do this in case we never enter the for-loop below. */
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