Commit f62ab7c5 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(font_fill_lglyph_metrics): Use EMACS_INT in LGLYPH_SET_CODE to avoid

compiler warnings.
parent 39824137
......@@ -4195,10 +4195,13 @@ font_fill_lglyph_metrics (glyph, font_object)
Lisp_Object glyph, font_object;
struct font *font = XFONT_OBJECT (font_object);
unsigned code = font->driver->encode_char (font, LGLYPH_CHAR (glyph));
unsigned code;
/* ecode used in LGLYPH_SET_CODE to avoid compiler warnings. */
EMACS_INT ecode = font->driver->encode_char (font, LGLYPH_CHAR (glyph));
struct font_metrics metrics;
LGLYPH_SET_CODE (glyph, code);
LGLYPH_SET_CODE (glyph, ecode);
code = ecode;
font->driver->text_extents (font, &code, 1, &metrics);
LGLYPH_SET_LBEARING (glyph, metrics.lbearing);
LGLYPH_SET_RBEARING (glyph, metrics.rbearing);
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