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......@@ -1183,7 +1183,10 @@ LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE, and LANG environment variables during startup.
** New language environments `Polish', `Latin-8' and `Latin-9'.
Latin-8 and Latin-9 correspond respectively to the ISO character sets
8859-14 (Celtic) and 8859-15 (updated Latin-1, with the Euro sign).
There is currently no specific input method support for them.
GNU Intlfonts doesn't support these yet; there are basic 8859-14 and
8859-15 fonts at <URL:> and recent X
releases have 8859-15. There are new Latin-8 and Latin-9 prefix
(only) and Polish slash input methods in Leim.
** Fortran mode has a new command `fortran-strip-sequence-nos' to
......@@ -1196,7 +1199,7 @@ appropriate for C-style escape sequences in strings.
** A new command `view-emacs-problems' (C-h P) displays the PROBLEMS file.
** The Dabbrev package has a new user-option `dabbrev-ignore-regexps'
** The Dabbrev package has a new user-option `dabbrev-ignored-regexps'
containing a list of regular expressions. Buffers matching a regular
expression from that list, are not checked.
......@@ -1366,6 +1369,7 @@ containing diff3-style conflict markers, such as generated by RCS.
*** delphi.el provides a major mode for editing the Delphi (Object
Pascal) language.
*** quickurl.el provides a simple method of inserting a URL based on
the text at point.
......@@ -1515,6 +1519,7 @@ to standard output.
will raise frames displaying a buffer, instead of creating a new
frame or window.
** Two new functions for removing elements from lists/sequences
were added
......@@ -1619,6 +1624,7 @@ after-change-function are no longer acted upon and have been removed.
** The function `apropos-mode' runs the hook `apropos-mode-hook'.
** `concat' no longer accepts individual integer arguments, as
promised long ago.
......@@ -2330,6 +2336,7 @@ character units (fractions of the width/height of the frame's default
font). FRAME is the frame on which the image will be displayed.
FRAME nil or omitted means use the selected frame.
** The function `find-image' can be used to find a usable image
satisfying one of a list of specifications.
......@@ -2337,12 +2344,9 @@ satisfying one of a list of specifications.
** The STRING argument of `put-image' and `insert-image' is now
** Image specifications may contain the property `:ascent center'.
When this property is specified, the image is vertically centered
around a centerline which would be the vertical center of text drawn
at the position of the image, in the manner specified by the text
properties and overlays that apply to the image.
** Image specifications may contain the property `:ascent center' (see
* New Lisp-level Display features in Emacs 21.1
......@@ -3198,6 +3202,8 @@ suppresses the tool bar. If the value is non-zero and
`auto-resize-tool-bars' is non-nil the tool bar's size will be changed
automatically so that all tool bar items are visible.
before this facility can be useful, we need people to donate icons.
*** Tool bar item definitions
Tool bar items are defined using `define-key' with a prefix-key
2000-08-24 Dave Love <>
* language/european.el ("Latin-8", "Latin-9"): Add input methods,
mod sample text.
* international/iso-ascii.el: Make pilcrow convenient string
consistent with section.
(iso-ascii-display): Set up multibyte characters as well as
2000-08-24 Kenichi Handa <>
* international/mule-cmds.el (reset-language-environment): Set
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