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Document char-displayable-p more clearly.

Add many +++ markers.
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......@@ -1676,15 +1676,22 @@ a match if part of it has a read-only property.
locally to provide Eldoc functionality by some method appropriate to
the language.
** `latin1-char-displayable-p' is obsoleted by `char-displayable-p'.
** New coding system property `mime-text-unsuitable' indicates that
the coding system's `mime-charset' is not suitable for MIME text
parts, e.g. utf-16.
** The argument to forward-word, backward-word, forward-to-indentation
and backward-to-indentation is now optional, and defaults to 1.
** (char-displayable-p CHAR) returns non-nil if Emacs ought to be able
to display CHAR. More precisely, if the selected frame's fontset has
a font to display the character set that CHAR belongs to.
Fontsets can specify a font on a per-character basis; when the fontset
does that, this value may not be accurate.
** The new function `window-inside-edges' returns the edges of the
actual text portion of the window, not including the scroll bar or
......@@ -2025,6 +2032,7 @@ settings. To make `left-fringe-width', `right-fringe-width', and
displaying the buffer in a window, or use `set-window-buffer' to force
an update of the display margins.
** Per-window vertical scroll-bar settings
Windows can now have their own individual scroll-bar settings
......@@ -2163,6 +2171,7 @@ Lisp packages using many minor mode keymaps can now maintain their own
keymap alist separate from minor-mode-map-alist by adding their keymap
alist to this list.
** Atomic change groups.
To perform some changes in the current buffer "atomically" so that
......@@ -2302,6 +2311,7 @@ yank or yank-pop command (or a call to insert-for-yank). The function
insert-for-yank automatically sets that variable according to the UNDO
element of the string argument's yank-handler text property if present.
** New function display-supports-face-attributes-p may be used to test
whether a given set of face attributes is actually displayable.
......@@ -2309,13 +2319,16 @@ A new predicate `supports' has also been added to the `defface' face
specification language, which can be used to do this test for faces
defined with defface.
** face-attribute, face-foreground, face-background, and face-stipple now
accept a new optional argument, INHERIT, which controls how face
inheritance is used when determining the value of a face attribute.
** New functions face-attribute-relative-p and merge-face-attribute
help with handling relative face attributes.
** Enhancements to process support
*** Function list-processes now has an optional argument; if non-nil,
......@@ -2337,7 +2350,7 @@ and modify elements on this property list.
The new low-level functions process-plist and set-process-plist are
used to access and replace the entire property list of a process.
** Enhanced networking support.
*** There is a new `make-network-process' function which supports
......@@ -2400,14 +2413,19 @@ the fifth is the port number.
connections are accepted in the stopped state. For a client process,
no input is received in the stopped state.
** New function copy-tree.
** New function substring-no-properties.
** New function minibuffer-selected-window.
** New function `call-process-shell-command'.
** The dummy function keys made by easymenu
are now always lower case. If you specify the
menu item name "Ada", for instance, it uses `ada'
......@@ -2422,6 +2440,7 @@ argument. If it is non-nil, then `commandp' checks
for a function that could be called with `call-interactively',
and does not return t for keyboard macros.
** master-mode.el implements a minor mode for scrolling a slave
buffer without leaving your current buffer, the master buffer.
......@@ -2442,6 +2461,7 @@ SQL buffer.
(function (lambda ()
(master-set-slave sql-buffer))))
** File local variables.
A file local variables list cannot specify a string with text
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