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Document new EDE features.

* ede.texi (ede-cpp-root): Document the :compile-command slot.
(ede-linux): Document new variables
`project-linux-build-directory-default' and
parent ac9b4703
......@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@
`ede-java-root' and the example using it.
(Android projects, ede-java-root): Remove nodes since they are
only in CEDET upstream (Bug#17030). All nodes updated.
(ede-cpp-root): Document the :compile-command slot.
(ede-linux): Document new variables
`project-linux-build-directory-default' and
2014-03-12 Glenn Morris <>
......@@ -792,6 +792,7 @@ override the default include path and system include path like this:
(ede-cpp-root-project "NAME" :file "FILENAME"
:include-path '( "/include" "../include" "/c/include" )
:system-include-path '( "/usr/include/c++/3.2.2/" )
:compile-command "make compile"
:spp-table '( ("MOOSE" . "")
("CONST" . "const") ) )
@end example
......@@ -809,6 +810,9 @@ The @code{:system-include-path} allows you to specify full directory
names to include directories where system header files can be found.
These will be applied to files in this project only.
With @code{:compile-command} you can provide a command which should be
run when calling @code{ede-compile-project}.
The @code{:spp-table} provides a list of project specific #define
style macros that are unique to this project, passed in to the
compiler on the command line, or are in special headers.
......@@ -911,6 +915,12 @@ Kernel source tree, and enable EDE project mode for it.
It pre-populates the C Preprocessor symbol map for reasonable parsing,
and has an optimized include file identification function.
Through the variables @code{project-linux-build-directory-default} and
@code{project-linux-architecture-default}, you can set the build
directory and its architecture, resp. The default is to assume that
the build happens in the source directory and to auto-detect the
architecture; if the auto-detection fails, you will be asked.
@node ede-generic-project, Custom Locate, ede-linux, Simple projects
@subsection ede-generic-project
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