Commit f6c05015 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(resize_mini_window): Fix 2005-08-20 change.

Don't move PT to new window start.
parent 4e6b8c5a
......@@ -7697,7 +7697,7 @@ resize_mini_window_1 (a1, exactly, a3, a4)
/* Resize mini-window W to fit the size of its contents. EXACT:P
means size the window exactly to the size needed. Otherwise, it's
only enlarged until W's buffer is empty.
Set W->start to the right place to begin display. If the whole
contents fit, start at the beginning. Otherwise, start so as
to make the end of the contents appear. This is particularly
......@@ -7786,7 +7786,6 @@ resize_mini_window (w, exact_p)
init_iterator (&it, w, ZV, ZV_BYTE, NULL, DEFAULT_FACE_ID);
move_it_vertically_backward (&it, (height - 1) * unit);
start = it.current.pos;
SET_PT_BOTH (CHARPOS (start), BYTEPOS (start));
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