Commit f6c741f9 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

(USE_LSB_TAG): Make it the default when it is known to work.

parent 46554de4
......@@ -284,24 +284,51 @@ enum pvec_type
/***** Select the tagging scheme. *****/
/* There are basically two options that control the tagging scheme:
- NO_UNION_TYPE says that Lisp_Object should be an integer instead
of a union.
- USE_LSB_TAG means that we can assume the least 3 bits of pointers are
always 0, and we can thus use them to hold tag bits, without
restricting our addressing space.
If USE_LSB_TAG is not set, then we use the top 3 bits for tagging, thus
restricting our possible address range. Currently USE_LSB_TAG is not
allowed together with a union. This is not due to any fundamental
technical (or political ;-) problem: nobody wrote the code to do it yet.
USE_LSB_TAG not only requires the least 3 bits of pointers returned by
malloc to be 0 but also needs to be able to impose a mult-of-8 alignment
on the few static Lisp_Objects used: all the defsubr as well
as the two special buffers buffer_defaults and buffer_local_symbols. */
/* First, try and define DECL_ALIGN(type,var) which declares a static
variable VAR of type TYPE with the added requirement that it be
TYPEBITS-aligned. */
#if defined USE_LSB_TAG && !defined DECL_ALIGN
#ifndef DECL_ALIGN
/* What compiler directive should we use for non-gcc compilers? -stef */
# if defined (__GNUC__)
# define DECL_ALIGN(type, var) \
type __attribute__ ((__aligned__ (1 << GCTYPEBITS))) var
# else
# error "USE_LSB_TAG used without defining DECL_ALIGN"
# endif
#ifndef USE_LSB_TAG
/* Let's USE_LSB_TAG on systems where we know malloc returns mult-of-8. */
#if defined GNU_MALLOC || defined DOUG_LEA_MALLOC || defined __GLIBC__ || defined MAC_OSX
/* We also need to be able to specify mult-of-8 alignment on static vars. */
# if defined DECL_ALIGN
/* We currently do not support USE_LSB_TAG with a union Lisp_Object. */
# if defined NO_UNION_TYPE
# define USE_LSB_TAG
# endif
# endif
/* Just remove the alignment annotation if we don't use it. */
#define DECL_ALIGN(type, var) type var
#ifndef DECL_ALIGN
# ifdef USE_LSB_TAG
# error "USE_LSB_TAG used without defining DECL_ALIGN"
# endif
# define DECL_ALIGN(type, var) type var
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