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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -482,12 +482,24 @@ turn off scroll bars; otherwise, turn on scroll bars."
;;; with older X applications, this checks cut buffer 0 before
;;; retrieving the value of the primary selection.
(defun x-cut-buffer-or-selection-value ()
(let ((text (or (x-selection-value))))
(if (or (string= text x-last-selected-text)
(string= ""))
(setq x-last-selected-text nil)
(let (text)
;; Consult the cut buffer, then the selection. Treat empty strings
;; as if they were unset.
(setq text (x-get-cut-buffer 0))
(if (string= text "") (setq text nil))
(or text (setq text (x-get-cut-buffer 0)))
(if (string= text "") (setq text nil))
((not text) nil)
((eq text x-last-selected-text) nil)
((string= text x-last-selected-text)
;; Record the newer string, so subsequent calls can use the `eq' test.
(setq x-last-selected-text text)
(setq x-last-selected-text text)))))
;;; Arrange for the kill and yank functions to set and check the clipboard.
(setq interprogram-cut-function 'x-select-text)
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