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......@@ -1666,6 +1666,23 @@ Note that +++ before an item means the Lisp manual has been updated.
When you add a new item, please add it without either +++ or ---
so I will know I still need to look at it -- rms.
** The function tty-suppress-bold-inverse-default-colors can be used
to make Emacs avoid displaying text with bold black foreground on TTYs.
Some terminals, notably PC consoles, emulate bold text by displaying
text in brighter colors. On such a console, a bold black foreground
is displayed in a gray color. If this turns out to be hard to read on
your monitor---the problem occurred with the mode line on
laptops---you can instruct Emacs to ignore the text's boldness, and to
just display it black instead.
This situation can't be detected automatically. You will have to put
a line like
(tty-suppress-bold-inverse-default-colors t)
in your `.emacs'.
** New face implementation.
Emacs faces have been reimplemented from scratch. They don't use XLFD
2000-04-18 Gerd Moellmann <>
* mail/sendmail.el (mail-do-fcc): Prevent inserting a newline
at the start of an existing but empty folder.
2000-04-18 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
* ps-mule.el: Customization fix, doc fix.
(ps-multibyte-buffer): Customization fix.
2000-04-17 Richard M. Stallman <>
* subr.el (read-passwd): Use read-char-exclusive.
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